The level of Consciousness is the true level of Cause.
When our thinking is corrected, then so is our world.

– Abraham Hicks

I believe creating the life you want begins with your Inner Life… all your answers can be found within. We are all master creators with the ability to manifest. When we are in alignment with what we want for ourselves, miracles happen. Getting clarity on what specifically it is that we want requires contemplation and reflection.

Unprocessed emotions and experiences literally keep us ‘stuck’, and remain lodged in our physiology. We get stuck when we focus on fear and self-doubt rather than on what we want to accomplish. What we focus on grows. Emotional freedom is being able to feel whatever comes up in the moment, in all its fullness… and then let it go to move or pass through us. My training as a Journey Therapist taught me invaluable tools for working with emotions, and also that the more difficult emotions are not to be feared or avoided or repressed. I learnt there is great freedom and power in allowing ourselves to feel what needs to be felt. I also learnt that fulfilment happens in the present moment. Being in the now takes awareness and practice, and coaching! It’s not something that comes naturally to us humans.

We have to begin the journey to determine what the right path is. Setting goals helps us to know where we are going. Knowing where we are going helps us to know what we need to do, on a daily basis.

I create the space to allow your own inner wisdom to come forth.